sabato, gennaio 13, 2018

Western Landscapes by Lee Friedlander

Western Landscapes by Lee Friedlander  is a book that you must buy. For the importance of its presence, first of all, the tome is very heavy, big, a real joy when you will receive it, and for the importance of the pictures taken.
Black&White style these pictures speak of our times although they have been taken not yesterday but these past years and from five years massively collected by Yale University Art Gallery.
Order, disorder, passion, chaos, beauty, infinite, immortality, immensity, strength, fertility, aridity, desertification, solitude, silence, wisdom, reflection, calm, peace,  intensity, amazement, there is this and more in these pictures, you will see.
Why? Because there is not a message more powerful than the one that Nature can spread just with a picture.
Paradisiac landscapes are close to ordinary scenes for celebrating the West Wild part of the USA.

This photographs have been taken in many American Western National Parks located in California, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Washington, New Mexico, Canada, Oregon, Texas, Idaho, Montana, New York.

This book is the product of a great love for and of this photographer, someone who, remarks Richard Benson wouldn't  never go out without his camera. There is always something that can be captured and the possibility of a  new great little picture everyday in grade to make the History of our times.

Highly suggested.

I thank Yale Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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