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Miss Opal Makes a Match A Miss Opal Story Book One by Amy K.Ronglie

A beautiful, ironic Christian book is this one I just finished to read. Written by Amy K.Ronglie: Miss Opal Makes a Match A Miss Opal Story Book One will be a relaxing reading plenty of Christianity, humor and good values for everyone but also a funny, interesting book considering the characters of these two elderly ladies.

It's 1907.

Miss Opal lives with her sister Armilda in Benton, Texas.

They're more than 80s and the two decide to spend the summer time with someone else in their house: a young girl.

They do that with a precise purpose: they want to help, illuminate their devoted preacher to do the right thing, and they ask the help of God.
They put an ad on the Austin Statesmen and Tribune and Lyna Marshall decides to leave for the first time in her life her comfort zone, the ranch where she lives in with her parents for this adventure. After all the pay given by these two elderly ladies is spectacular.

Andrew Marek is the preacher of Benton and he is in a serious relationship with Margaret.
Margaret wants to live in Boston where she would want to build an existence in. Andrew promised to his dad of marrying this girl but his heart is disconnected from her and he is not anymore so certain that this one is the right thing to do.

Lyna is picked up at the train station by Andrew, the preacher, and the two feels during the trip a good connection.
Lyna is surprised to see a lot of libraries in the town. That place, in comparison with her small place was a big reality.
These libraries in Benton and Temple are all Carnegie ones will explain her Andrew.

Once arrived in Daisy Patch Inn as Andrew loves to call the house of Opal and Armilda Lyna discovers that these two elderly ladies mean a lot for the community of the town.
They will involve her in many initiatives while Miss Opal will try all her best for making this match: Andrew and Lyna together forever.

Will the two sisters be in grade to do that?

Enchanting book, ironic, plenty of good humor and feelings, I also loved the book cover and I found romantic the vintage touch of the book pages.

I thank the author of the book, Mrs Amy K.Ronglie for the PDF copy of this book.
I can't wait to read the other adventures of Opal and Armilda!!!

Anna Maria Polidori

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