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giovedì, settembre 15, 2016

The Littlest Star by Richard Littledale, Illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic

The Littlest Star by Richard Littledale, Illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic and on sale this October is a cute, cute fairy-tale for children and for a magical Christmas season.

Once upon a time there was this little star in the big big big immense sky.

He was more little than any other star, and not so visible from humans or other stars as well. He didn't mind if people on Earth or other stars could talk because he didn't sparkle a lot. He was humble enough to stay at his place but once, the littlest stars in the sky received a special call from the most important Entity: God.
God explained him that his Son on Earth was just born and he needed some light...

And this little star, although the littlest one existing in the sky, not only was in grade to illuminate Bethlehem staying close to Jesus, Saint Mary and Saint Joseph in the humble stable chosen by the couple for having Jesus Christ, but was in grade to give light at the shepherds in visits and to all the other curious people including the three exotic men, the Magi who would have brought to this new special King precious gifts...

It's a wonderful, wonderful, tender story. One of the cutest ones I read recently and pictures are relaxing and dreaming. I am sure that they will be adored by the children.

Who once wrote it, did it for a fund raising benefiting Shooting Star Chase children's hospices,

I would accompany this perfect Christmas fairy-tale gift for your children or nephews/nieces with a book of astronomy for beginners.
It will be a joy for them to discover what the Universe is. I can tell you that for sure!

You could also launch yourself in an explanation of astronomy.

Maybe it was the comet of Halley  the light seen by the shepherds  and the three Magi.
In this tender, precious fairy-tale The Littlest Star has been in grade to become magical and something else from its nature, forgetting for once the Past where he is buried in the Universe for wrapping up the world with its bright light of novelty, bringing a message of joy, positivity and a new start for the world.


Many thanks at Netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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