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venerdì, settembre 30, 2016

Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die by Chris Santella

Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die by Chris Santella and published by ABRAMS last Sept 20th is the most amazing, wonderful, extraordinary trip you can do in the world of...Beer!

Practically every corner of the world is covered, and like says in the foreword Jim Kock founder of the Boston Beer Company and Brewer of Samuel Adams: "This book will inspire you to keep your favorite beer and suitcase."

Extraordinary, many States of the USA visited by the author, like many foreign places.
Germany of course, Austria where beer is a national monument, Prague, where beer is the beverage more drunk pro capite every year (and the place where beer is also more drunk of the entire world.)
Northern Italy. Although wine is the favorite alcohol beverage there are many estimators as we call them here of the "blonde."

Ireland with Dublin. Great old tradition.

Different kind of beers, different situations.
Some of the people who started a brewery for example in Birmingham Alabama or other corners of the world told that beer was not a known alcoholic beverage at first, but that slowly slowly thanks to their passion it was possible to build interesting realities.

Impossible to believe but the same London affected by a terrible beer since at recent times, when pubs decided that maybe it was better to give a best local product. At the moment many breweries are able to give a good beer.

Beer is synonymy of smiles, company, good time spent together.

This book is extraordinary and will let you discover in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, but also in Zimbabwe what beer means.

A wonderful trip and wherever you will stop by... a great pint of beer!

Wonderful gift for Christmas!

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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