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venerdì, settembre 30, 2016

4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change For Our New World Rising by Marcia West

Marcia West is for sure a great writer and an inspired lady.
In her latest book:  4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change For Our New World Rising by Marcia West published by First Edition Design Publishing last May 3 she helps all of us to re-balance our world, our vision of the world and our self.

First of all the author analyzes changes. There are many constant changes in our life. We change work, city, we change familiar situations. Are we ready for it and in what way we answer this question? This one is a fundamental first step that can make the most important difference. If we start any change with optimism it will be a success. In opposite case it can be more problematic the acceptance of a new course.

Then the example of three bikers on a road. Who will be in grade to drive joyfully?

(I don't want to ruin the surprise...)

Change can be a great opportunity because of course it's possible to  discover new people, situations, and the soul grow up.
Substantially it mustn't happened anything dramatic or particular joyous for seeing changes. Everyday is a constant change and growing.

Love build bridges between people, countries.
As the author explains love in this book is not a romantic perception but the material with which has been created world: love.
It mustn't never been fractured or it will create unbalance forces.

Who motivate changes? It can be fear or love says the author, just these two words says all.

Fear means that maybe the person is committing an error because she doesn't react with lucidity but with an impulse of the moment. Love means that the reaction has been pondered and mature, responsible.

According to the author we are constituted of three elements, the masculine part, feminine part and the so-called inner child.

When one of these part is unbalanced the inner child will suffer for it.
This book wants to help people to discover a new renewal starting from inside, our inner journey.

An example of the Big-Hearted Change? Let's stay optimistic and let's imagine that all the cards on the life's table are OK. People understands us, share our passions. Plus: imagine a world based on the construction of love.

This is what this book is offering to the readers.

The four steps of Big-Hearted Change includes a first chapter with a physical description of our heart and functions of our heart.

Let's trust love and let's avoid negativity. In the while let's pay attention at our thoughts. Various, diversified origins they have a profound meaning.

We must always end well a chapter of our life for starting a new one says West.
Sometimes it can be very painful and stressing of course. New re-start are never simple.
Many advice from the author for being helped during this moment of transition.

It is also important to release the misaligned. Losses asks for some releases.

Being each of us unique, we have our own time and path write West.

In the fourth part the explanation of the perfect balance between the three part of us: the feminine, masculine and inner child.
When these forces, internal forces are united then there is harmony.
Marcia assures the reader that we must mainly focus on our inner self.

And if you want to renew your self much more other indications from her.

We can't receive love and miracles if we don't let go our past and mistakes.

The author will also have ready for you many exercise that you can do explaining also later with encouraging, beautiful words how you can start to develop a best, bright future for you and your loved ones.

Beauty book for sure. It's great for Christmas if you know someone who needs some encouragement.

I thank NetGalley for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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