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sabato, settembre 24, 2016

Pigments of Your Imagination, 2nd edition - Creating with Alcohol Inks - by Cathy Taylor

Pigments of Your Imagination, 2nd edition - Creating with Alcohol Inks - by Cathy Taylor published last Aug 28thby Schiffer Publishing is the perfect book for a painter or a passionate of painting that wants to try something knew.

Everything started with this group of friends, creators later of a group of alcohol inks enthusiastic creative.

One day one of them. Sally stopped by in a store specialized for selling acrylic colors. The lady suggested her to try a new alcohol ink color. Less problems more brightness, she knew she would have loved it.Plus look, extremely expensive.

It was true.

These colors open a myriad of worlds where the most beautiful, sunny, colored world can start to born, blooming under the experts hands of painters or passionate.

It is amazing what you can do with alcohol inks and using the most diversified techniques.

It is very cheap alcohol inks if compared with other colors, and we know that most people can't  paint because of the high costs of colors and other materials. It's an expensive hobby in most cases.

With alcohol inks you obtain the same results, maybe better, than not with other much more expensive colors.
So: why don't you give a try abandoning your frustrations?

In the book you will find many many projects of this enthusiastic creative group, on tiles, paper, fabric, glass, metal, and so on, I think that all possible materials existing in the world explored with the same result: a great success.

Impressive the paintings I have seen. I love textures, colors of these creations. I haven't found sadness, but joy of expressing the self and life and this is great.

The book can be used by everyone, from the beginner to the so-called affirmed painter with the same result: an explosion of vitality and creativity.
So, don't wait other time, read this book and start to become the next Van Gogh of this world!

 I find the cover extremely beauty and captivating! Great taste.

I thank NetGalley for this wonderful colored book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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