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sabato, settembre 24, 2016

The Good Fork by Sohui Kim

The book: The Good Fork by Sohui Kim will be released on Nov 1 by ABRAMS and it's the personal story of ms. Sohui Kim, her passion for food and the idea of opening this local, The Good Fork in Brooklyn.

Sohui Kim tells her passion for cooking and her idea of course of studying for becoming a cook. The idea of opening a restaurant a consequence of this passion/work.

But why The Good Fork? Thank you thank you thank you!

Because of Italians. Sohui knows that Buona Forchetta is an expression for "Someone who eats with good appetite and love to taste a lot of food" I would say.

And best name couldn't be put at her restaurant.

Yes, because looking at the book, the restaurant is located at Brooklyn, you can find many diversified multi-cultural dishes and I love it so badly.

Sohui is not generic in her cooking. She researches not just the italian, french, American dishes but  exotic dishes that you can't taste in every place, but surely in The Good Fork, yes.
She loves to visit everyday the world in...a dish.
A wonderful, cultural food-travel around the world every day!

A great book if you don't want to cook everyday the same dish, if you want to add veggies in your diet, if you want to discover every day new dishes.

Of course, another superb cook book of ABRAMS to present to someone you love for Christmas!

Many thanks to NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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