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martedì, settembre 20, 2016

Angels by Reverend Jack Graham

I love angels. They're are the most directed connections with God. I always speak to my guardian angel Andrew for my necessities. My idea is that God is too busy sometimes for hearing from us and he needs these messengers that I call the postmen of God.

Once I have had the privilege of seen one of these creatures. I was in a very sad phase of my existence, it was morning and my day was to starting. I looked in a corner of my bedroom and appeared this vision. A golden kid. A kid I couldn't precisely tell the age of. Although he was smiling, these eyes impressively profound had seen a lot of world and had a profundity for that age that couldn't be so young, but much more old.
He was looking at me and he was smiling of a tender and warm smile. He was sat, and with an arm he was holding up his head. His ears were extremely long and thin. He had a round face, beautiful eyes and hair. He was completely golden.

Later I thought: now I will watched somewhere else because the angel will remain. But no....The angel disappeared. Some golden sparkles appeared as for saying me that He left and then nothing else.

I have angels in every corners of the house, in my bedroom, in the kitchen, in the corridor. My favorite angel is Clarence from the movie by Frank Capra because he is human and very often we meet as also tells the author in Angels a lot of Human Angels as well.

Said that, I requested with enthusiasm the book written by Reverend Jack Graham Angels published by Bethany House this past June 21st through NetGalley.

It was summer-time and unfortunately I couldn't read it at that time.It wasn't still time.

I did it these past days and I was truly shocked for the beauty of this book. I am catholic and I read every Sunday at the mass so I know the scriptures. It was an enchanting experience.

More than a book about angels, and trust me it is a book about angels, it's also the story of our Christianity thanks to many important, fundamental Bible passages, daily life anecdotes of the author or people he met during his life.

Angels are connected with God but we mustn't never forget that WE must live our existence, not our angels. We can't ask to them the impossible.
There are specific roles, says the author, that can't be played by those celestial creatures.

I was impressed while I was reading the book about the religiosity of this pastor. Reverend Jack Graham discovered God and Jesus since his early childhood because his parents very religious and enthusiastic. Then once, close to their Arkansas' village afforded a pastor in a tent for a week and the vision of Jesus exploded in the mind of little Jack vividly and it hasn't never abandoned him.

The Bible passages for discovering the power of Angels? The encounter between Saint Mary and Archangel Saint Gabriel announcing her the arrival of Jesus Christ, while she was the promising spouse of Joseph.

Then the story of Abram ready to sacrifice his son for God, a sacrifice unwanted by God, who tasted the religiosity of Abram, then the story of Hagar...

The book wants to focus also on our actual condition.

We rush. Always, and everywhere. We rush when we are at home, we rush to the office, we rush when we return home, we rush for going to the cinema.
We rush while we pray.

We have a lot of fears: the fear of losing our job, the fear of losing our health, the fear of dying, the fear of terrorism the fear of living.
But insists the author, in Jesus, and God we can find a firm and proper answer.

Angels will always watch over us.
Not only: reverend Graham is more than sure that each of us has a guardian angel and wagons of angels watching over us.

Reverend Graham gives us also some suggestions for living better.
An old saying: "Show me your friends and I will show you your future" is one of them." Like also: "Walk with the wise and become wise." (From the Proverbs.)

And if you want to search for angels: "Hang out with lightness, you'll get brighter."

Graham tells that the three quarters of angels have chosen God and not Lucifer, the other ones became fallen angels, and that the Golden Army close to God, is experiencing an existence of Light close to the Creator.

A lot of anecdotes while you will read the book you will see, will involve also the sphere of darkness, so Lucifer, and the mundane temptations.

At the end of the book the author remembers that sometimes we need some hope. A special section with precious advice directly from the Bible.

A great reading. I suggest the book to everyone and in particular to all that people, Angel lovers who wants to discover the most important passages in the Bible and New Testament where these creatures play a big role. The book is also tremendously inspiring for living a good and christian life.

Surely a gift very appreciated for this Christmas.

Anna Maria Polidori

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