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venerdì, settembre 02, 2016

Bloomsbury Women - Distinct Figures in Life and Arts - by Jan Marsh

If you want to know everything about Vanessa and Virginia, go for this book . You will ask: who is Virginia, and who is Vanessa?
Right: Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Dora Carrington, Vita Sackville-West, Lydia Lopokova, Katherine Mansfield, Frances Partridge, Angelica Garnett, this one was the group of talented and excellent women who created the Bloomsbury Group. It was firstly born for giving voice at all that women that still didn't have voice, but later of course also the introduction to the group of a lot of men.

You will see public and private virtues, like also eheheh every other sorta of gossip.

It's not for sure a boring book but plenty of great informations.

If you need it also for some researches for school, go for it.

Here, in this Ebook you will find all the possible news. The narration of parallel life, public and private of these artists and writers and their partners and friends will walk together.
From art, they organized exhibits with paintings of incredibly talented artists like Van Gogh, Monet, what a dream to being born during that period, passing through literature and their sexual transgressions, their works, their trips, their marriages, their betrayals, their personal tragedies, their consolations, this book is truly illuminating with a lot of gossip as well that will entertain you a lot.

The Ebook covers 40 years of personal story of these women and men.

Go for it and you won't be deluded by what you will read.

The style of the author, the book written by Jan Marsh, pretty intriguing and stimulating, colloquial, familiar.
Re-published in digital edition by Endeavour Press I consider it absolutely beautiful, light, entertaining. You will adore it.
It will be like to drink a glass of water and at the end of it you will think: Good Lord what a life these artists lived...

I thank Netgalley for the Ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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