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domenica, settembre 18, 2016

Little Tails in the Jungle by Frederic Brremaud

 Little Tails in the Jungle by Frederic Brremaudand published next month on Oct 11th  by Magnetic Press is the story of a puppy and a squirrel, Chipper and Squizzo. They can't just stay secluded in the environment where they're born in. They want to travel the world for discover other forests, other environments similar to the ones where they live in but able also to let them discover different corners of the world. They have a cardboard box airplane with which they will explore the forests of the world. This one is the second book of this cartoon series. The Amazon Forest in South America considered the Lung of Earth, African, Asian forests, the little book is very nice. This one is a children's book that will introduce to your children a lot of exotic animals of various and distant forests: black panther, piranha, tigers, exotic birds.
Beautiful for sure and a great Christmas gift!

Anna Maria Polidori

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