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martedì, novembre 26, 2013

Alice back to Wonderland with Tad and Tod

           White Rabbit, where are you?               

Alice went again with Tad and Tod to Wonderland because Tad had to meet the White Rabbit.

 You know he always runs here and there and everywhere and Tad today knew that she would have waited at long the quick arrival of the White Rabbit.

 The White Rabbit in the while was very tired and so he had forgotten his precious clock under a tree and decided to relaxing some bit at the house of the Castor in Wood Road at the number 23. 

Strange but true he was living a sort of existential crisis. 

When Alice understood that Tad wouldn't never be able to see the White Rabbit, called a pigeon named Dottie one of her best friends everytime she was tired of the normal world and wanted to afford in Wonderland. 

Dottie was perking some grains. 

She listened to Alice's story with great attention:"Dottie, ciao! We don't know where the White Rabbit is. I tried to searching for him in the Profound Forest and also in the Land of Green Field and Pure Water but he wasn't under the big tree of apricoat, where he arranges the schedule of the day. 

And in that schedule there was also our appointment to the big Mushroom. Can you go and try to see what it is going on?"

 Dottie answered back very positively to her: "Of course I will, Alice. I will be here as soon as possible". 

Tad, Tod and Alice sat on a stunning giant grass-bench, very large and comfy. The grass-bench said to them: "Please enjoy the company of my leaves. And please, here there are some flower-papers if you want to read something about the world of Wonderland". 

Incredible news were displayed.

"The caterpillar fell in love for the Butterfly of the Darkness. Great scandal. Scoop! Latest news: they have been spotted together close to an empty little leaves-house where they enjoyed a romantic evening together. Exclusive pics from Freddy the Squirrel our biggest photographer, inside". 

Another one: "The Queen of Heart's heart's disease. They added a peace-maker close to the Queen, disturbed by continuous fights with the King of Flowers. Look inside for the stunning new face-smile of our Queen of Heart. Happy again". 

"The cat has removed two painful tooth at Anthony's castor's studio. They have been replaced by two golden tooth. The cat: Anthony is a great castor and he worked very well on my tooth. I wanted to try this golden tooth for giving to me a new idea of me! Great look, no?" 

While they were reading, Dottie was back with a letter written on a leave treated for this purpose and using a mixture of macerated leaves and other natural materials for creating the colors for writing down. 

"My dear Tad I am sorry I couldn't be there. I had completely forgotten our appointment. I am very stressed these days and I need some rest. I just hope that you will join Alice's visit another time. I am sure that I will be around. Please tell to Alice to being here the day before the end of the month, less 3 days and 5 hours, the five of the cards of heart, adding two sparkle of joy and a bit of nonsense. Best regards from the land of the Wonders. Your affectionated White Rabbit".

Tad passed the letter with a resigned face to Alice.

 "Dottie, what's this story? Does the White Rabbit needs some relaxation'" 

Dottie nodded. "Yes he lived a stressing period when a merchant of dreams sold to him an impossible dream. He was contained in a sphere of crystal and it was the realization of all his dreams: he wanted to be an eagle for one day. Unfortunately he had paid a lot of carrots for obtaining it, without any effective results, and so he felt so depressed. He wanted to seeing after holes and fresh water and green fields, also the blue sky from another perspective". 

Alice sighed: "Oh mamma mia I am so sick for him. I can feel his pain. Hope that he will be back soon to the normality". 

Dottie: "I think he will. Look at the old flower-magazine called Dreaming...There is all his story..." 

Alice sat again on the grass-bech and read it while Tad and Tod sounded less unhappy for the poor White Rabbit's condition.

"It is written by Folkie Doxie, true, Dottie?" 

"Yes our owl's most known journalist. She has a great patience. Another one would have sent to hell the nervous White Rabbit".

Alice started to read...

 "He cheated me - starting to tell the White Rabbit - That year I had planted tons of carrots, and I had paid for that magic potion all my carrots.

 I have been without carrots for a long time.  Ok I could eat grass and grain and barley etc. It was not that. It was the illusion of a potion. The end of a dream". 

Any suggestion White Rabbit for another creatures in your same conditions?

 "Yes, don't believe at smoke's sellers. Just the caterpillar can does that. For obvious reasons".

 And your dreams? 

- insisted the journalist - 

I strongly do enjoy to spend my time with friends and I totally gave up with the absurd idea of being an eagle".

 When did it start this fixation of being an eagle?

 "I was little and satisfied of my being the White Busy Rabbit. Then I met an eagle, we became friends and he became my closest friend. Ricky the Eagle told me of what he was seeing through the sky, the beautiful forests, and wonderful mountain and river little like the treat of a pen...I thought: I want to be an eagle one day. The arrival of that impostor ruined me. I am always busy I should go..." 

No wait, you must answer back....

 "Ah yes yes true....Sorry I am always... I need to seeing someone..." 

Relax: now you are talking to me. I am someone, said the journalist.  So White Rabbit, why did you interrupt your friendship with the Eagle?

-Ricky had to flying away from our land where he had spent a long vacation". 

And tell me White Rabbit: where you in a critical more weak phase of your life when you talked to him? 

"No, I was overwhelmed with work and it was a day with a busy schedule so when he said me, you can become an eagle I said to him: ok it's done I shaked his hand, and said: give me the potion I need to go, go here and there for picking up all my carrots. Thanks so much I have another appointment now. By-bye".

 The journalist.

 Maybe the problem with you is the impatience and this continuous going here and there...

 "I know I am busy but I must run always here and there and everywhere...Do you want to join me?" 

No thanks. Did you learn the lesson? 

 I have a special and solid depression at the moment and I am forgetting my appointments. So I need more rest. Yes...I think so. Sorry but I must go....I can't stay anymore". 

Alice: "Tad, Tod, the White Rabbit has always had this secret desire of flying". 

"Yes but he had an appointment with me". 

Alice replied smiling and understanding her friend's irritation: "I know that but don't worry, it will be all over soon. Poor White Rabbit. Please Dottie tell to him that I will be back when he said me to be here. As requested". 

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