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martedì, aprile 18, 2017

White Sand, Blue Sea by Anita Hughes

I don't discourage any writer. I try to write all the best about books but with Anita Hughes months ago the opposite. Not only I gave her one star, but my review was very negative. Yes: Christmas in Paris not a great book.

I am a good person and I don't want to be nasty with anyone so I thought a lot at that negative review. After all I picked up that book. Maybe, just it wasn't for me and my soul.

When I was re-contacted by St.Martin's Press for reading another book by Hughes I said yes enthusiastically because I wanted to give her a second chance.

If Christmas in Paris appeared very superficial, don't wait a complete change of route with this new book: White Sand, Blue Sea . It's a book about escapism and beauty.
The atmosphere is exotic, cocktails help and the vision of life of Hughes  incredibly good. I would want to have her same opinion of life and her same lightness.

Sure: I can't understand why there is not a different profundity....

A girl who doesn't see her dad for more than 20 years can't react like Olivia react when she meet her dad after such a long time. It's not normal although it would be great to live in the lightness proposed by Hughes. We would  surely avoid a lot of big or small dramas.

My impression is that Hughes doesn't want to explore the human feelings,  although it would add much more at a novel. Her writing-style in fact is great. I don't want to say that she should arrive at a Woody Allen's level but it would help.

To me Anita Hughes wants to present a light product for permitting to all of us, women, to read a novel for de-stressing the mind. If the book is read in this way it's perfect for its genre.

What Hughes loves the most are exotic places, beautiful places, great cocktails, sand, sun, beautiful houses, rich people, sometimes pretty superficial.

I suggest to this writer again to try to go in profundity choosing a story able to let her travel across the world, in beautiful locations like St.Bartz can be but that, at the same time can let explore her, if she wants, the human feelings left alone according to my point of view in these books too much.

I thank NetGalley, St.Martin's Press  and ms Hughes for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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