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giovedì, aprile 13, 2017

Fix-it and Forget it Baking with your Slow Cooker by Phyllis Good

What a paradisiacal book is Fix-it and Forget it by Phyllis Good released by Good Books. A joy for eyes and mouth.

This book is a real dream because it will teach how to start to bake and cook with a slow cooker, so in a longest process but at the same time obtaining the same result, maybe better, than not cooking in the traditional way.

It's a cook book that can interest everyone in this busy world where spending hours in  the kitchen a dream but why not to serve a great dessert, a delicious pizza, a wonderful pie? Why not serving all the best we can although the time we can spend in the kitchen less than in the past?

With this cook book you will sort out all your time-problems with some tricks ;-) saving time for your self and your busy schedule and at the same time seeing how great can be a slow cooker. I can tell you that you'll be in grade to make all your family more than happy and cheerful during lunch-time, or dinner-time, or brunch, breakfast or a special occasion.

You will find 150 wonderful, colored, delicious recipes for every occasion and you will appreciate a different tranquillity and freedom because you can do also something else while the slow cooker will work for you.

Divided in sections: quick breads, muffins and cupcakes, cakes from scratch, shortcut cakes, bars and brownies, crisps and cobblers, pudding and custards, pies, quiches, yeasts breads, pizzas and granolas, you will discover a different world and dimension.

In the section recipes you will find a crazy-crust pizza! a pepperoni one, a granny's potato rolls, a tomato herb bread, an english muffin roll, a daily bread, a breakfast torte, an asparagus Quiche, a fresh tomato basil pie, an Amish corn pie, a blueberry ginger tart, a rosemary raisin tart, the little Boston Brown Loaves...Some recipes are accompanied by a "Why I love this recipe" at the end of it in which the author explain in handwritten pink written words why she loves that kind of recipe with also many TIP advice!

Indispensable cook book for every busy girl and woman.

I love the colored cover, like also all the beautiful pictures inside.

I thank Good Books for this wonderful ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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