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venerdì, aprile 07, 2017

Thank you Candlewick!!! You made my day!

I am endlessly thankful to Candlewick and in particular to the illustrator P.J. Lynch for these four wonderful books I received today.

Not only they made my day but they made me also incredibly joyous and happy.

I contacted time ago  Mr Lynch asking for these four books to read and review because I noticed he illustrated all of them.

I was absolutely amazed by an imagine in his website of his illustrated edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

A book, this one, I read two times per year crying and  hoping every time  that some people like Scrooge can change their mind, starting to be good.

I didn't receive any answer and I thought that my e-mail not received.

What a great surprise! this book package today.

Thanks a lot to Candlewick, their trust, many thanks! it means a lot to me, and all the staff with which I just hope to start a great collaboration.

In the following weeks my reviews!

Many thanks again!

Anna Maria Polidori

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