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domenica, aprile 09, 2017

The Book Review of Death a classic murder mystery by Richard King

It's the third book of a trilogy called: The Bookshop Mysteries The Book Review of Death a classic murder mystery by Richard King published by Bonnier Zaffre and it's not just a book about some murders.

It's also a great book if you want to understand how it works the book industry from the inside and how can count a review of an influential reviewer.

In general publishing houses asks to be honest in our reviews, but what happen when a big reviewer for maybe just destroying a writer, or for being nasty try all his best to sink his latest book and its launch? We are not anymore in the field of: "I tell what I think, let's hope I won't be damaged by my ideas." We are in the field of being nasty for being nasty and for destroying other people's lives.

We don't speak of a common reviewer with a little audience and unable so to make a great difference but of someone able to make THAT difference, and so to change the opinion of a lot of people, masses, who, once out will go to a bookstore for buying or leave there that certain book because of the word written by a reviewer.

It can be a big problem.

Hate, is in general, a big problem because bring with it other problems, murders as well.

The story told  in first person. The protagonist of this story owns the Dickens & Compagnie Bookstore in Montreal.

Being the third episode of the series, and I didn't read the previous books, the narrator tell to the new readers something of the past: at first in the first episode, accused of a murder and slowly when discovered the real killer, he became a friend with Gaston the local police man who follows the investigations.

Thanks to him he met also his companion Gisele, the sister of Gaston although at the moment their relationship is moody.

Dornal is the book reviewer. For certain reason he find joy and happiness destroying, being another maybe missing author, the career of who, for a reason or another arrived at the top.

That night, someone obviously tired of this behavior, kill him.

The body discovered only the day after and at first. The man strangled and left reversed on the laptop,  at first supposed that he was sleeping.
Once discovered the truth, detective Gaston will return in the scene of the murder for sorting out this problem.

Many the people who could have wanted the departure of the man but the first suspected will be Ben.

I love this book because times are perfect. There is no rush, there are according to my point of view the times of a murder's investigation, not frenetic but precise and there is the element surprise.

Enjoy this book and enjoy what you can learn from it!

I thank NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for this book.


Anna Maria Polidori

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