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martedì, aprile 18, 2017

Simple Fare Spring and Summer by Karen Mordechai

Simple Fare  Spring and Summer by Karen Mordechai is a cook book published today by ABRAMS.
The author offer to the readers, thanks to her influences in term of food while she was living in Jerusalem from all over the world what it means to cook seasonally.

Not only it's healthier but it also means to help farmers.

Simplicity, velocity is another word I found functional.

For example Karen Mordechai propose a quick bread, able at the same time to make everyone happy without to lose too much time in the kitchen.

I liked the "Pickles suggestions" and the breakfast section.
It's of course the most important moment and meal in the USA but... WOW! So inventive and yummy! thanks to diversified sweet and salt dishes with eggs or fruits, and the inclusion of fish.

Bowls a section loved for the meaning of just eating in a bowl, toasts couldn't be missed because very loved by everyone, and you will find the perfect recipe for every taste also in the vegetable section.

The author takes in consideration for elaborated dishes a quickest preparation considering that this edition is dedicated at the warmest time of the year.

At the end a section for making your own dairy products.

There is a lot of fantasy in these recipes and variations I love a lot and I am sure that this cookbook will be appreciated by every food-lover.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

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