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domenica, aprile 16, 2017

Lincoln and his Boys by Rosemary Wells and illustrated by P. J. Lynch

Abram Lincoln didn't love a big beautiful house.
He didn't love eating a lot either.
He was a frugal man.
You could make him happy presenting him a good book, or time for creating memories with his children, the treasures of his eyes or inviting him to see some shows.
He was a man of true sentiments, a man who wouldn't never have wanted a war and the secession of a part of a country. A man who fought for setting free from slavery black people where the South politicians repeated that there was the necessity of keeping the slavery a reality.
It was a slow process and a process paid very highly from both sides in term of human lives.

It's a moving book this one written by Rosemary Wells and illustrated superbly by P. J. Lynch: Lincoln and his Boys.

It's a children's book but I can tell you that it is a book that will enter in your soul also if you are an adult.

Why this title: Lincoln and his Boys?

Because the President had continuously around him, historically true, these two sons, Willie and Tad. They loved to spend most of their time with him also while he was working and also when he became President.
He didn't mind if they stayed in his company.To him it was a joy.
He was happy and very cheerful to see them around.

This book starts with Lincoln as a Presidential candidate, later as the President, and in these pages you will live the adventures of Lincoln's family's life. Public and private.

We will see Lincoln's family passing through a horrible pain, the departure of a first child, to the election of Lincoln as President. A new devastating pain, while the Secession war was going on devastating a country.

What I found beautiful was the character of this president seeing through the lens of Tad one of his sons imaginary narrator thanks to the inspiring powerful words written by Wells.

Lincoln is essential, humble, mature.

Lincoln didn't study in proper universities, he was a man of culture but without the support of a university like Harvard although he loved to improve his culture everyday.

Being humble, he didn't mind at all if the presidential house where they lived as presidential couple beauty or not. Once he suggested to his wife of not spending the money of people for embellishing too much that place.

Thanks to the illustrations, vivid dialogues and narration the perception is this one: to be there with family Lincoln while they are sat for dinner, or  they are excited for some trip; while Willie and Tad accept some muffins from a baker or profoundly sad, Abram Lincoln and Tad together to bed, devastated by the same pain.

The warm, opened and a bit melancholic smile of Abram Lincoln, warm the soul and keep this giant of American policy much more close to the youngest generations.

I can tell you that this book is perfect for your children because I was once a child and I would have loved to read it if a kid!

There are just few tricks with children for let them love history: put facts in a simple, domestic way. Put it as a fairy-tale. Let them fall fascinated by famous families, like the one of Lincoln one was. Let them fall in love for the discovery of the past. They will understand that discovering the past they will discover and touch the present.

Rosemary Wells and P. J. Lynch are with this book the perfect teachers.

All the rest it's up to you!

Highly highly recommended to everyone.

I thank Candlewick and  P.J. Lynch for this book.


Anna Maria Polidori

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