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lunedì, aprile 03, 2017

Mirror Work 21 Days to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Mirror Work 21 Days to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, you can find the book in store and Amazon published by Hay House is a very interesting self-help book: 21 days all dedicated to you and...your mirror, your new helper for restoring your self-esteem and your problems with the wisdom and good guidance of Louise Hay.

A mirror is the reflection not just of our body but mainly of our soul. That's why some people in the past decided to remove all their mirrors from their houses.
That's why mirrors are powerful for healing and that's why in the past used in pagan's ceremonies for evoking vision of the past or the future.

At the same time a mirror the best allied for its strength  for a real transformation of the person, adding also the use of a journal and daily meditation tells Louise Hay.

Louise Hay can't promise a radical complete transformation in 21 days, but a wonderful fresh start for sure.

Mirrors will be helpful first of all to consolidate the relationship with the self and later with other people. It will help to sort out past problems and present ones.

Everyday is inspirational and thanks to the exercises suggested by Louise Hay it will be possible to re-start from the beginning a new existential phase of your life.

I thank NetGalley and Hay House for this book.


Anna Maria Polidori

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