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martedì, aprile 04, 2017

Pure and simple A natural food way of life by Pascale Nessens

Pure and simple  A natural food way of life by Pascale Nessens is an ABRAMS book released this April 4.

What does eating well mean?

In the foreword cured by doctor Remko Kuipers the history of the change of relationship between western population and food during last century. The advent of industrialization brought other kind of food on the table of all of us and at first of all on the tables of the Americans. Americans discovered other tastes and not only: they discovered fast food. The old dear slow food, made by healthy ingredients cultivated previously by peasants forgotten. The garden gone, substituted by in general industrial food because of the expansion of cities, work, a different life-style.

The result of this change of habits brought serious illness with the decades, obesity and many other social unhappy problems.

Eating well is a responsibility of all of us for aging well,  for staying well. Our body is not just our property but a big illness connected with the abuse of food can mean a real tragedy for entire families and radical changes. So let's use responsibility for us and for all our dear ones and let's eat properly.

Eating well doesn't mean eating without taste, or eating depressing food, no. It's the opposite because eating well means that the body is healthy and the mind a best,lightest engine.
Eating well means also more respect for the same food and for our own body and mind, with delicious recipes, healthy and truly good!

With this book Pascale will help all of us to eat well and remain slim. Pascale was born in Belgium and his cookbooks are real best-seller because I guess she lived "alimentary stress." Healed, she understood which are the main food she wants to eat and which combination are better for us and our body and our mind. At the same time Pascale wants to help us: let's eat what we want without too many sacrifices, and at the same time remaining slim. A dream? Not exactly.
Three the main points of this book: share meals with family and friends, don't put on weight and don't stay too much in the kitchen :-) Recipes must be quick and satisfying.
In the book the author will analyze the various alimentary combinations and I can tell you that it is interesting. Then these recipes are wonderful! Pictures are stunning with heavenly locations.
Divided per chapters, Pascale will introduce us delicious fish recipes, yum!  and all the world connected with it, seaweed, shellfish. Then it will be the turn of meat, cheese and vegetables.

I thank so badly the author for the chapter fermented vegetables because I found it very helpful! ;-)

And... For a breakfast with low carbohydrates don't forget the Fluffy Blueberry Cake inserted in the deserts section or the delicious flourless brownies, just two of the recipes suggested by Pascale.

Thanks to Pascale we will discover that food is not just introduction of energy in our body but sharing our joy and happiness with other people, that food is a powerful way for communicating sentiments and for creating great memories impressed forever in the mind and heart of people and the best vehicle for promoting our places, our way of life.

Pascale at the end of the book will invite all of you, readers to staying in touch with her and sharing with her your impressions about her recipes and what she said in this book so that connections will be in grade to create a strongest relationship with food-conscious lovers from all the world.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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