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domenica, aprile 16, 2017

The Unhappiness Syndrome 28 Habits of Unhappy People (and How to Change Them) by Ryuho Okawa

Some people love to live unhappy.

They start to develop unhappiness and then they love to living with this feeling all the time.
They're not anymore able to return to a surface of joy and happiness, devastated like they're by what they feel, thinking that, after all world is a negative place where to live in.
And surprisingly not only as said before they love to feel these feelings but often they communicate them to other people as well.

Confirms arrive from several part: illness, current events...Is the world a good place where to stay? Aren't there many confirms that problems exist?

It is, this one a real pathology thinking better, and Mr Ryuho Okawa defines this illness, the unhappiness state, giving it the status of a real syndrome: the unhappiness syndrome.

In his book: The Unhappiness Syndrome 28 Habits of Unhappy People (and How to Change Them) published this April 15 Mr Okawa will give us a clear explanation of what happen when we are overwhelmed by unhappiness and how we can restore our previous happy self.

It can be an attack of envy for someone, fear of being hurt, some past failures able to block our creativity at long, a person still trapped in his past, lack of confidence, pessimistic thoughts, old secrets, It's not important if your syndrome will affect work or family or your spiritual life. Mr Okawa will drive you to start to be conscious of your energy, potentiality, positive thinking, re-directing firstly your thoughts, because there is nothing, nothing more powerful than your thoughts for changing in better or in worse your life. Like also of course, your vision of life.

At the end you will re-discover a new energy and motivation and you will start to see again colors and joy in your life.

I thank NetGalley and IRH Press for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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