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The Dialogues Conversations About the Nature and the Universe by Clifford V.Johnson Foreword by Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek

It's an absorbing, captivating, funny, beautiful, stimulating graphic novel
The Dialogues Conversations About the Nature and the Universe by Clifford V.Johnson Foreword by Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek published by MIT Press.

Why this graphic novel?

For encouraging everyone to speak of physics, tells the author.
Physics should be a topic treated not just at school and not just by a niche of people but by everyone.
After all we live in a world where every action is dictated by some physics law.
We don't notice it, we don't know it maybe, but it is true.

This book won't never permit you a second of intellectual rest or peace if you will search for it but it will be a stimulating tool for your brain and your thoughts like also for intelligent future conversations, as the protagonists of these stories starts on trains, café, public spaces, their houses.
Some of them are physicists, other ones common people, but all of them are searching for an intellectual conversation, for trying to define some doubts and trying to answers to ancestral questions.

The result? A complete full-immersion in the most recent physics, and in the most profound, spectacular meaning of life after all.

Is world a casualty? Will God if exists a superior entity and the Universe die one day? God exists or not? What kind of connection is there between life and death?

Starting innocently, from the chat of a boy and a girl speaking during a costume party about the importance of science and what science is doing for better the existence of people we will learn that physics is a topic constantly in motion and that past and present, Newton and Einstein can live well together, because some physics laws are still the same ones elaborated centuries ago.
Physics implements and integrates and there is a chapter where it is hypothesized that thanks to social media and more connections maybe it will be possible to unify all brains for giving more impulse to physics.

We will learn the life of stars and we will understand that their life is not different from the one of another creature existing in this world. They live much more, this is true, millions of years in comparison to an animal, a plant or a man and what it happens when they collapse, die,  for create new life or the opposite, a "eater of matter" as I call it: a black hole.
Fusion between life and death is not just a thematic of our existence but it is primordial and an aspect pretty vivid in the Universe.

This graphic novel won't leave alone any kind of thematic, from the Big Bang Theory and the first expansion of matter in the Universe before the primordial explosion called Big Bang, from black holes and the meaning of them, examining also what would happen to a man if he wants to travel close to a black hole. The story is fascinating. You will see. It will be a story mainly of Time.

Then, time and space, waves, string theory, quantum gravity, multiverse, passing through intelligent anecdotes of daily-life.

I read this book as a passionate of the topic.

These theories let me dream and I would suggest this graphic novel to all that people curious of physics,  world and the Universe.
Don't be intimidated.
The author will give you all the best directions at the end of every little graphic novel chapter,  they are eleven, so that you won't be left alone with your doubts.
If you will experience some perplexities you will find a lot of suggestions, including other books and  materials for discover much more.

Highly recommended.

I thank MIT Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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