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Emilia L'Elefante by Arto Paasilinna

Well you know when you read a book by Arto Paasilinna you know that you will recognize more or less immediately his powerful irony and his  narrative style without forgetting the surrealism of situations he will create slowly slowly. His writing-style is not quick, but lazy, focused, detailed, like the one of the deepest person observing from an outside and privileged perspective the absurdity of life with its funny characters.We live in this world and it won't be difficult for anyone to recognize most of the situations created by Paasilinna because simply, this one is the stage of the existence with miseries, triumphs, falls, victories and there is no escapism to it.

In this new book published by Iperborea Emilia L'Eelefante, Emily the Elephant we meet a new heroine, a pretty weird heroine. No, she is not slim; no she is not invisible: simply, she is an elephant.

Her name is Emilia, Emily, and she is a cute female elephant, with the  typical common characteristics of this animal: good temper, great memory, incredible fork! I wouldn't never believed that an elephant ate so much! in a day.

She is a great entertainer, being born in a circus, but when Finland decides of banning animals in 1986 from Circus and ten years later situations more depressing, the urgency of...escape away becomes real.

Lucia Lucander the owner of Emilia can't permits a bad end for this pretty animal and she will find a lot of people and men in grade of being helpful.

She will marry a  Russian, great description of the nuptial feasts, sumptuous  for later move on.
Desperate, at some point she desired of killing Emilia. Incredibly funny the description of the arrival of the guy...An enthusiastic butcher was waiting for this big animal imagining wagons of great meat, tons of meat for all necessities. Ah! What a paradisiac situation that one! Lots of money, wagons of people eating all happy this meat.

Lucia will be oppressed by a man constantly too in love with alcohol and  with the desire of wanting something more from her. Desperate, she will run away followed by the wife of that man.

These two ladies will steal food for Emilia but, once discovered, they will be lucky enough to find help and love thanks to a connection of good men. These men will be helpful also when  Lucia will decide of giving back Emilia to her homeland: Africa where she will continue to live happy and free. 

Adorable book plenty of irony and real life.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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