mercoledì, aprile 04, 2018

Polar Bear Postman by Seiko Kijima

Polar Bear Postman by Seiko Kijima is a book published by Museyon last November and suggested me through NetGalley.

Oh, it is an enchanting, lovely, cute, delicate and strong story, the one of Milk, a Polar Bear with a special work: the one of postman.

Just: one day,  strange he receives a postcard with an important message addressed to him. Possible? It was from a couple of red-crones birds. Their chick missing they don't know anymore what to do. May Milk be helpful? May Milk can asks if someone noticed somewhere their beloved creature?

Milk is very worried and he starts to asking at carnivorous animals if they had spotted a chick somewhere, but no, although tasty, they ate a chick a lot of time ago. Then he creates a big connection with animals of every sorta for trying to discover where the chick ended up...

A beautiful, tender children's book, where sadness at the end dissolved and replaced by a lot of joy and good news. It was great to read a happy end because this one is not a light thematic.

I thank Museyon Publishing House for the digital copy of this ebook and NetGalley.

Anna Maria Polidori

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