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Ten Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat... and How you Can Stay Young, Slim and Happy by Frank Lipman M.D.

Ten Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat and How you Can Stay Young, Slim and Happy by Frank Lipman M.D. published by Hay House is one of the most interesting book you can pick up about the topic.
Aging is not beauty and everyone would want to remain efficient and splendid as when he/she was younger. For himself but also for his/her loved ones. What to do? And mainly: is it possible? And in case... What is it possible to do for trying to help mind and body?

"Recipes" proposed by mr. Lipman are simple but great. First of all eating well, less sugar, not too many carbs, for keeping slim and efficient our body and our brain as well.
Intoxicating a body means a big problem at many levels, and not just organically.
Brain can be heavily affected by a wrong diet as well.
Then healing your gut! and keeping your weight under control another step for finding a great balance like also rebalancing hormones for restore energy and improve sexual function.

Movement, yoga, in particular will keep you slim and efficient. A chapter will take in consideration stress and the damage that this temible sometimes "good tension" can create with the time if problems not healed.
As everyone know sleeping well is the secret of youthness or one of the main ones because while we sleep body is in modality: recharge.

You will also discover the anti-aging supplements and energetic ones like also an harmonic community in grade to being supporting and lovely.

Ten chapters for discovering a way for staying young, efficient, happy, following also mr.Lipman's two week revitalize program.

I thank NetGalley and Hay House for the digital copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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