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Mumin e la Vita in Famiglia by Tove Jansson

Mumin e la Vita in Famiglia or in english Mumin and the Family-Life by Tove Jansson published by Iperborea, tells in this book created in comic strips the story of a family of trolls Mumin, so nice, cute, sweet and distant from the common imagine we all have of trolls that I am more than sure you and your children will fall in love for them all! and their eccentric friends and relatives.
There is a mother Mumin, a dad Mumin, a son Mumin, a girlfriend of Son Mumin. There is Tobacco a traveler-friend and a profound connoisseur of the world, Sniff, Shadow, a philosopher called Joint, and many other funny characters.

The creative mother of Mumin is Tove Jansson. Born in 1914 in Finland, she grew up in Helsinki and in a little Finnish island. Her dad was a sculptor and her mother an illustrator. Tove became with the time a painter, illustrator and cartoonist like also writer for children's books paying attention also at literature for adult people.

She won with Mumin the Prize Andersen and an endless fame. She disappeared on 2001.

At first in Italy these books were proposed largely in 1958 by Vallecchi and later by Salani (the italian publishing house of Harry Potter) while these comic strips appeared for the first time on the magazine Linus at the end of 1960s.

Well what can we say of this comic strips book? That it is very funny!!! 21 comic books strips in this one  a lot of funny situations that will let you laugh  but that also defines the problematic lived in and by a common family.

At first Son Mumin is lost and thinks that maybe is better, not having a family giving up with life but then he meets his parents again and he remembers them and the meaning of family and  he thinks that after all living a plenty life is better than giving up.

Mumins are characterized for being friendly, nice, opened with everyone and they create special connections with every creature they meet without difficulty because they are socials.

They're excited by the novelties and Mumin Dad a bit tired of the common life sometimes. Ahem, these comic strips were written when the world was not yet living so many abnormalities and when normality could be boring :-) Just, my little point of view.

Mumin family would want to live some exciting adventures, maybe becoming criminals for some hours.

At the same time they discover while in the sea with an adventure lived with Tobacco a chest. At first Mumin family imagines that maybe it contains whisky, but no...Oh God, just rude words. What to do with rude words? Mumins don't want them...Mmmm, maybe the best solution is sending them all at aunt Joan, a lady pretty rude with them and so who knows? Maybe in grade to appreciate them. They prepare a special package for the not so beloved relative and send it promptly.
Without to ruin the surprise we will see that aunt Joan will arrive  pretty quickly at Mumin's house with the intention of clarifying this story. That gift not accepted at all.

Enjoy and enjoy Mumin! for you and your children, it will be a tender adventure where everyone can recognize some part of himself/herself.

Anna Maria Polidori

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