lunedì, aprile 23, 2018

Flu and other stories

Well yes flu adores me and I am not yet back to the normality after 20 days because flu was back again thanks to fresh air and warm.

Plus these past weeks frenetic because of the baptism of my niece's daughter. I was her Godmother. It was beautiful but not being OK I spent terrible days not being at my best.

It is true that when we travel and we are not OK sensations are not as bright as they should be.
I post here some pictures.

The mass for the baptism in a locality called Lanuvio.

Enjoy pictures.           

We ate in a restaurant called Turcotto, located in Anzio and created in 1816.Stunning location, the name of this restaurant is curios isn't it true? Well maybe the family that opened it had some turkish origin and once they settled in Anzio opening this restaurant they also imported some traditions in terms of culinary tastes to their customers.


Anna Maria Polidori

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