martedì, aprile 03, 2018

Affinities Potent Connections in Personal Life by Jennifer Manson

Affinities Potent Connections in Personal Life by Jennifer Manson  by Polity Books captured my attention because often, maybe in a daily base we meet people with which we feel affinities, attractions, or the opposite but our soul "can also be transported" in another time, in another moment of our life, eating a delicious dish, or just listening a song, one of the most powerful vehicles for positive or negative memories.

The book is articulated in three parts: Sensation of Living, Ineffable Kinship and Ecologies and Socio-Atmospheric.

Developing new depth at the sociological instances of the latest years this one is a work of great profundity and interest. It will embrace a wide range of thematic from daily-life connections to the connections established via internet, our relationship with animals and meat, passing through the story of "blood" and resemblances, not leaving anything out.

Regarding meat and animals I would want to write few lines.
Living in a countryside I have seen a lot of times chickens, rabbits, pigeons, pigs killed for being eaten as well.
What written  by the sociologist is correct but there is also another reality: who owns an animal or more establishes with it a strong connection and once killed a stronger connection, because that animals meant a story of sacrifice and love.
That animals although later killed for being eaten have been loved. I know that it is weird but it is the reality.

Telling the truth , and I am not a meat-lover at all, when I eat meat of animals that we didn't grow up I can't recognize the same taste. It's a story of affinities :-)

Innovative book, you will adore it.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

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