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mercoledì, maggio 03, 2017

Wolf Nation The Life, Death, and Return of Wild American Wolves by Brenda Peterson

Wolf Nation  The Life, Death, and Return of Wild American Wolves by Brenda Peterson  was published yesterday by Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press.
If you love nature, animals, outdoor life, if you love the history of a noble animal like the one of the wolf is, you can't miss this book. A wolf is a wonderful creature. In general they live in group and they're loyal animals, plenty of great virtues and positive sides.

My city is famous for the legend of Saint Francis  and the wolf. The wolf in our case is the delinquent tamed by the saint symbolically seen as a wolf.

Native Americans treated the wolf with great respect and considerations. In the Creation Stories of many tribes wolves are considered the First People.

Wolves  have always been considered by Native Americans like spiritual guides and some  tribes believe that they descend from wolves so wolves highly appreciated, loved and taken in great consideration and admiration.

I met a wolf once when I went with my dad in a forest for some mushroom. It was a second. I saw him and he rushed away immediately after at the velocity of light. I hadn't never seen a rapidity like that one  in disappearing from our sight. It was shockingly beauty. There is a shyness, a self-protection in wolves that you don't find in other animals. There is not curiosity for the other one. Their knowledge pass through their wild state, their strong connection with nature, forest and the real good elements and forces of this world. Their strength  is their being free. Free like a wild horse, free from constrictions. These ones just few personal considerations of a country girl. Although, of course wolves are not just wild but as writes the author a key for becoming more human, more compassionate, and they can learn us how to survive, but also how to respect old ones and how to provide food for our families passing through loyalty.

You will find here many wonderful but also technical informations and stories, it will be a trip in national parks, beautiful forests, you will discover the tale of many wolves, their disappearance and their return in the glorious land of the USA, with also, if you are interested, all the possible associations fighting for the protection of the wolf and for re-writing the story of this country.

I thank NetGalley and Perseus Book Group for this book

Anna MariaPolidori

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