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giovedì, maggio 11, 2017

The Conversationalist Building Life-defining Relationships One Conversation at a Time by Russell Verhey

The Conversationalist Building Life-defining Relationships One Conversation at a Time by Russell Verhey is a book published by Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC.

It's beautiful I start to tell you this because good conversations are important in our life but not everyone is in grade to conduct a very good conversation.
In most cases conversations  frustrating, upsetting and you return home more angry than when you left. Isn't it true many times?

How many times you started a conversation with someone and this someone was unpleasant asking to you sensitive topics that you didn't want to touch?
Creating an atmosphere less breathable?
A lot of times.
The creation of conflicts during a conversation is terrible.
Sometimes people wants to create conflicts, other ones just they are not able to conduct a good conversation.

Conversation is an art, like writing, singing, acting.

I can tell you I discovered it when I met my American friends and neighbors.
Thanks to them I understood what it means to keep a conversation cheerful and happy, without to create contrasts and tensions.

You mustn't become a mentor, you mustn't become a psychologist, you mustn't become a "conversationalist" in the most profound technical sense of the word, - it is a work!- but great conversations, and a good conversation is a great vehicle for reaching great consideration in the soul of people you love, your neighbors, strangers as well, as add the author of this book mr Russell Verhey.

People will trust you, they will appreciate that you are there for them, for listening to them, their problems.

In these recent times no one find a moment for listening other people. We rush, we have more important things to do in this world.
We don't listen anymore and we are not able to interact as in the past with other people.

The ability of being there, for someone else, for a good conversation able to leave the mark in the soul of the person for a word of encouragement, for an advice given when necessary is more than precious.
A good word can mean real balm for the soul, can unlock a situation, can set free someone, can help! Trust me.

This book is one of the most powerful and great self-help book I have read since now. Many compliments to the author! because I love self-help books and this one is not "just" about conversations, it's about us and our intimacy, our relationship with others at the deepest levels helping people under many aspects.

While you will read The Conversationalist, many tips for becoming a great conversationalist, like at the same time the strategies for understanding better yourself and people close to you with questions of great intelligence and effect. And also like to avoiding the most upsetting people with which you know conversations would be just frustration ;-) when you notice that there is nothing else to do with them.
You will also find many topics for a great conversation

You can't miss to buy The Conversationalist, because it's a wonderful, very well structured self-help book, plenty of advice, and I am sure that this book will better your relationship with your neighbors friends, strangers and your community giving to you life and your conversation a different meaning.

I thank NetGalley and Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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