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giovedì, maggio 11, 2017

Parrot Talk by David B. Seaburn

Parrot Talk  by David B. Seaburn published today by Black Rose Writing is a hurricane in terms of language, dialogues, situations. There is pretty admirable frenetic life and time for all the protagonists, not a second of break during the reading! Amazingly funny.

Forget a great description of characters in the common sense of the word, because it's like to live the experience of a roundabout with this book. Enjoy this group of great chatters! and these funny situations!

The story starts when two brothers, Lucas and Grinder discover that  their mother is dead.

Someone they didn't hear from more than 30 years and that of course can't "feel" close to them.

This news is a sort of turmoil.

The mother left them various things but in particular she would want that they keep well her devoted creature: Paul.

Who is Paul?
Paul is a parrot, and thanks to him their life will change forever.
I have chosen this book because when I was little I have had these animals.

I appreciated of this book the quick approach.

Conversations are sometimes colored but the book is great for sure with so many adventures in a few pages. You won't suffer  boring time. If you need a quick and at the same time funny, stimulating reading, choose Parrot Time and you will find the best.

The cover is not very attractive and it's a pity. When I think at parrot and their owners I think at a colored world.

I thank NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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