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sabato, maggio 27, 2017

365 Ways to Feel Better Self-Care Ideas for Embodied Well-Being by Eve Menezes Cunningham

365 Ways to Feel Better Self-Care Ideas for Embodied Well-Being by Eve Menezes Cunningham is a wonderful book that will be published by Pen & Sword on May 30.

A very optimistic book for our body,  mind, soul this one!

The book is divided in chapters: the twelve months of the years starting with January, with ourselves, our realizations, expectations for the so-called New-Year. 
What we think, what we want to change if there is something to change in our life. The analysis will involve of course all the existential aspects of our existence.
At the same time, the first chapter will introduce the reader at meditation, yoga, as well for feeling a best and most profound connection with our self. Two words these ones that will follow us during the entire book.
We will also discover the subpersonalities able to destroy our-self and the profound role that each of us play in our family.

It will be important, once discovered the personality that it is playing the main role in your existence and family to change it, for re-finding the true self also with the help of meditation.

You will find in this book many great exercises for de-stressing yourself with the help of many pictures and instructions.

The following months plenty of tips you will see for sorting out the little problems of the season. 
This book  at the same time will help you to feel your body, soul, emotions in a complete different way, re-discovering a big connection with yourself, staying better than before! thanks to the physical, psychological, emotive work and approach proposed. Spirituality will meet psychology; yoga will meet along her way crystals.

What this book will give you will be much more than what you can expect.

It's global in the explanation of the solutions for the various problems of body, mind, soul with many other great resources/books titles, references that the author will share with you with joy. I am a great passionate of crystals, chakras, and all that world that we can't touch and it is just apparently invisible but that it is here for all of us so I loved the thematic treated by the author so badly and her bubbling,energetic writing-style.

It's a book that you can buy for you but also for someone you love. 

Eve Menezes Cunningham will be in grade to bring back the sun in less than a year, I can tell you that! if it's necessary. If, in opposite case you life is great but you want to better it, this book can just improve it passing through  yourself, your personal growth,  doing it wonderfully well.

Try it, and then let me know! I know that you won't be deluded!

I thank NetGalley and Pen & Sword for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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