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giovedì, maggio 11, 2017

Good Things are Happenings A Journal for Tiny Moments of Joy by ABRAMS

Good Things are Happenings A Journal for Tiny Moments of Joy is a journal published by ABRAMS NOTERIE.

What is life if not an uninterrupted series of joyous events?

Yes: don't be too much surprised dear friend but Good Things are Happening as it says this journal and let's assume that it's also important to be happy!
At work, home, with our friends.
And to remember the treasure that life is for us.
A day is long but it tells a lot about you and your life-story and so why not to put in a journal everyday the most joyous moments you live?
You can live this gratitude journal as a therapeutic journal as well if you think that you are surrounded by a negative world and if you see only darkness close to you.
Slowly slowly start to write down your happy daily moments.
When and why you have been happy.
Happiness is important, positive vibes are important for living a good life and it's important to believe, always to believe that good things are happening.
I suggest you to bring with you this journal. In your car, in your workplace, adding happy moments wherever you go and whatever you do.

Being compact, it will stay in your purse and you will see that very soon you will complete it with your life and you will notice, if you'll add the month and day in which you lived your happiest moments, how wonderfully plenty of beauty and joy is you life.

Or, if you prefer, you can keep it at home and before to go to bed you can write down the various joyous experiences lived during the morning-time.

The journal is articulated in topics and it's impossible not to find the one for you!


Putting on your PJ after a long day, Peeling an orange in one continuous strip, (or an apple), Laughing until you cry, Making eye contact with a hot stranger, Crossing the last item off your to-do list, The scent of blown-out Birthday Candles, Clean Sheets, When a new season of your favorite show is available for streaming, Finishing a crossword puzzle with no help, Reading a book in the bath, Being exactly on time, Reaching into your bag and finding just what you need, Waking up with perfect hair, Rereading your favorite book.....

Go for this journal with confidence, for finding yourself, your best self, for being grateful for life and for expressing yourself through your life!
When you will re-read it you will smile treasuring the moments your lived.

Enjoy your days and enjoy your life!

Many thanks ABRAMS&Chronicle Books!

Anna Maria Polidori

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