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lunedì, maggio 01, 2017

A Year in Mississippi by Charline R. McCord andJ udy H. Tucker

A Year in Mississippi by Charline R. McCord andJ udy H. Tucker is born as a promotional book for the Mississippi State during the various seasons of the year without to forget the past and their traditions. 

All the various contributors, the book is divided in seasons and activities, festivals, manifestations traditions, will explain you in detail what you will find, what to expect and much more.

Can you smell the perfume of the South?
Every period of the year you will want to stop by in Mississippi   be sure of it: it will be the best moment of the year, because you will experience for sure an amazing experience and you won't suffer for a second of boring time thanks to the many attractions, manifestations, traditions of the State of Mississippi.

Lazy time, warm, silence, rural stunning countryside, white roads, sweet tea, old traditions and habits old from centuries.

Some of them surprised me.

I picked up some of them for giving to you an idea of what you will find reading this book, a great guide if you want to go to Mississippi or if you love to rad the story of the Mississippi because every tradition, every fast has a long story behind it.


A chapter dedicated at the tradition of barbershop days like, another one at the Mississippi Pecan Festival at first a craft show and now a real amazing six-day-a-week- business.
Everything started in 1982 when a couple bought the orchard.

But you mustn't never imagine for a second that the Mississippi is just this: it can be more arcane, more irish than what you can think!

Didn't you imagine it?

Well, there is a great community of Irish and Scottish and every year they celebrate the CelticFest Mississippi. It offers music, dance and celtic culture.

The Celts are from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, France, Galicia, Spain, Portugal.

The CelticFest is celebrated the week-end after the Labor Day and it's sponsored by the Celtic Heritage Society.

It started in 1992 by the Celtic American Heritage Society.

The society wants to promote the musical, artistic, traditions connected with Celtic way of life preserving it.

The festival is opened to everyone.

But of course you can't miss the Mardi Grass a typical tradition of Mississippi and other Southerners' States, and.... Impossible to believe but real, there is also the fox-hunting! Chula Homa Hunt, choctaw for red fox the name of this manifestation.

Christmas in the Pass is a famous festival organized every year from 1750s although everything changed after hurricane Katrina...

Thanks to this book you will also discover the wakes and funerals of...the past. I found it fascinating.

Why if you are there in march not joining the parade for Saint Patrick's Day?

Without of course forgetting the festivals organized dedicated at the blues.

If you want to celebrate and I guess taste some great catfish go to Belzoni, Mississippi where they organize every year a festival dedicated to this fish.

During the summer there is the festival of... Blueberry, yes, this fruit!

If you are an estimator of Faulkner you can't miss the annual Faulkner & Yoknapatawpha Conference.

There would be more to write and more to tell of Mississippi and its traditions. I found the book not only informative but plenty of love. All the contributors didn't just write for attracting people and tourists coldly in their land, but for let them love their land firstly, as they love it, putting in their pieces all the warm, and hospitality typical of the South of the USA.

Highly recommended.

Anna  Maria Polidori 

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