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What it means to be a Woman And Yes, Women do Poop by Jacqueline Pirtle

Last days I noticed a new post created by Jacqueline Pirtle on Instagram. She was happy and joyous one of her main characteristics.
"Look: this one is the first copy of my last book! I just received it!" she was saying us all thrilled. I became a big fan of Jacqueline because she transmits
all her joy, excitement for the existence and enthusiasm in her books, becoming, this time for good, absolutely contagious. 
I so asked for her new book; she immediately sent me the ebook. She also confessed me she is planning to present to her neighbors, considering the problematic situation that the Planet is living, her books.
Considering the massive impact that they can have in the existence of the others, I really enjoyed this idea. I am a big fan of her first book: 365 Days of Happiness:
Because Happiness is a piece of cake. Simply wonderful and inspiring.

This last one: What it means
to be a Woman
And Yes, Women do Poop is another strong book for all us, women, in search, sometimes of an identity. 

The one of Jacqueline passed, like for other women, through abuses and a growth that, at first was contaminated by the hate for the abusers and the abuse itself. But Jacqueline's character resuscitated from the abyss of  desperation discovered once abused.

 Later, in the book, Jacqueline told that sometimes she was in grade to "read" the abusers like human being under many ways; not just for moving on; after all she wouldn't never have become who she is, if she wouldn't have suffered that horrible chapters in her existence, when little and when in her 20s. Oh; but Jacqueline built a beautiful existence, she has a husband and two children. Why? Because she has been in grade to grow letting go away these sufferances. Better: not permitting anymore that the abuses of the past would have damaged her present and her future. This one is the main problem of these victims.

Jacqueline tells that when she was little she had un uncommon soul: she saw, perceived things, people, differently than all the rest of the other ones; she had "Strong feelings, deep visions, and profound thoughts" she writes at some point. 

But who is a woman? A soul "incapsulated" in a certain body; and this one is the biggest experience that a soul can experience: first of all the one of a genre, male or female, and secondly, appreciating our inner essence, radiating every second of our existence, living, dreaming, loving thanks to the fact that we have a feminine spirit.

Women have a strong energetic essence; the essence is simply our soul, explain Jacqueline, a part that won't never die. 

Why are we on the Earth as women? For expanding our physical part, an important one, although we should always priviledge the energetic essence for living a happy, and complete physical existence. Our physicality has many limits. We can't be helpful sometimes because we have a physical body, while the essence of a person is limitless. 
These ones some considerations I elaborate.

What should we first of all point at? Our happiness, experincing a good physical existence. No one, adds Jacqueline know what it is good or bad for you. You just know it.

When there are changes in an existence? When something bad or good happen in the existence, altering the entire creative process of the being and the natural personal growth. 

Our complexities in this sense emerges with prepotence: we are a body, a mind, a soul a consciousness.

The main differences of our bodies?  A gracious body for women, a strong muscular one for the man not mentioning the possibility for a woman of giving birth to a baby

All women should be in grade of thinking with positivity at the current moment that they experience because every experience is a gift. 

Sometimes women are victims of the circumstances but Jacqueline is more than sure that no one is realistically a victim if we don't choose to develop the so-called "victim energy."
You could have experienced also the hell but if you will be in grade to transform that negative energy in a wonderful possibility, then you will win, 
opening doors that, differently would remain closed: a different sensitivity, a different perception of reality, but also the capability of capture the best that there is around us. Sufferance bring to us these gifts as well. 

Jacqueline was abused, drugged, she experienced a toxic relationship and much more but she also wrote three books, she has two wonderful children, a husband and she is living her life at the fullest.

Jacqueline writes something else that let us think: "I realized that these types of oversteps only happened on my physical life level––in my energetic existence they don’t matter."

The most important process in this case is also to sending to hell once and for all the past for living well the present and much better the future. 

A problem Jacqueline focuses is also the equal pay, pretty distant from the one of men. An act of discrimination from a genre, the one of men still pretending to dominate a certain part of the world. 

In a chapter Jacqueline will stimulate you to digging deep in your soul with meditation. 

A woman sometimes should try to understand which part she is living the most. Tips, suggestions are for all aspect of a woman, starting from body, passing through our mind, soul, consciousness. 
For our mind: let's develop, always, always, always the power of the positive thinking!

Suggestions for us, our soul and our being for becoming less weak in the various situations of the existence. 

And women abused should repeat as a mantra: "I am not a victim because I turned it all around."

What does an abuse mean for the existence of a girl? As report Jacqueline "It robbed me of freedom. All my freedom was gone."

But now Jacqueline she has all the freedom she can ask at the existence: "Freedom to speak, laugh, play, eat what I want, do whatever I want, and I have even been able to exercise freedom in my work––to write book after book, just as I please."

The sensation of not being free returned with the time; it happened when traumas reappeared with prepotence in the soul of Jacqueline. Then Jacqueline healed and she will heal also the rest of us from all our uncertainties and sufferances if we will permit it.

Goodness and how to become more strong, LGBTQ, the NO's in grade of helping us when too tired, surrounding ourselves by positive people in grade to communicate joy and good vibes other important chapter of the book.

With a last unique appeal. You musn't change yourself for someone else, because, simply, it musn't exist.

It is treated in a chapter that being neat, can become for some women a real obsession.  Not that the house or other fields of a woman's existence should be chaotic, but simply, sometimes is also important to enjoy life for what it is, being less obsessed and more focused in the joys that life present us. 

Sometimes  ask to yourself if you are ready to walk your life writes Jacqueline but always remember...Be kind. Be smart. Be helpful. Be real. Be a good person!

Beautifully inspiring, this self-help book by Jacqueline is  an hymn at all that heavy episodes in the existence of women in grade to become a new force, strenght; in the field of sadness someone planted a lot of seeds and once they bloomed they were the most wonderful, extraordinary ones and the horror of the past became a land colored by a rainbow of joy, laughters, happiness. 

You'll adore this book! Highly recommended. 

I thank Jacqueline for the ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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