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The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts

Located close to Bar Bosone and Ottica Baldelli, its name is The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts, La Libreria dei Pensieri Belli. It's the new, magical bookstore opened at Gubbio.
I discovered the publishing house Edizioni del Baldo eight years ago. When my brother fell sick and stayed per months to the hospital of Foligno, I found two beautiful books published by them in the newsagency of they hospital. They intrigued me for their beauty. They relaxed my mind. I interviewed mrs Zanoncelli later about the publishing house, their future projects, how they work, what they search.

It's a wonderful and sunny space the one created by these ladies. They admit that no, they're not from Gubbio.
All these bookstores are pretty nice in terms of price because there are no other passages apart publishing house and bookstores. No distributors; just them.

At the moment The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts discounts a part of books, the one close to the corner, along the street: the one close to the so-called ex Bruna's Bar.
Three books for just five euros.
You can find Astrology, all Salgari's books, if you want to present an important gift to your children, some classics, a lot of guides; I loved the one for the creation of artificial nests for local birds. But also: beauty thoughts, religion and spirituality, journals for every occasions; books for the garden; there is a little booklet with various enchanting greeting cards ready to be cut, written and shipped; horror books, if you like the genre; a lot of books of recipes. From bread to desserts, you will find all that you want.
If you'll shop why not buying also a tote bag? They are colored, all beautiful, with a special thought and a fantasy that will enchant you. They are discounted: one costs 6 euros each but if you buy three tote bags they cost just 10 euros.

Del Baldo desires to create a beauty and colored world, and it is what each book does, with precious, old-fashioned illustrations, devotion, research and love.
It is not important if it will be a cookbook or an inspirational book. Go for it with the certainty that it has been written with love and dedication.

Launch yourself in a never-ending adventure plenty of great readings and happy and beauty thoughts.

Anna Maria Polidori

ps: curious to see what I bought for five euros? Here we are...

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