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La ragazza che cuciva lettere d'amore, The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenow

La ragazza che cuciva lettere d'amore, The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenow , book published in Italy by TEA and Mondolibri is the touching story of Maria Romano. After that she lost her mother Maria was brought in an orphanage where she learned the art of sewing. Because particularly good Maria and Nora, her best friend were requested at Buckingham Palace.
One day they met also the young and future king, we are in the 1910s . He is still a teen-ager and a boy constricted at a rigid education considering his future role.
The Prince of Wales, expansive, finds fascinating Maria from the first time. Maria at the same time dreamed to meet one day the prince alone.
The prince was searching for the normality of some moments spent with a common girl; Maria for the exceptionality of these meetings.
A love was born; but, an impossible one treasured by Maria for the rest of her life thanks to her stunning and precious quilt prepared with all her love for all the protagonists of her tormented life.

This secret union will bring the arrival of a baby and Maria, for this reason, still pregnant, will be removed from Buckingham Palace and placed in a psychiatric structure where they will steal her newborn baby and where she will be kept sedated the first years; she will live there for more than 50 years, rescued just by Nora, her best friend at the times of Buckingham Palace.
I tell the truth: this part didn't make me sleep well per two-three days, thinking that, a "problem" like this one could be sorted out with such heartless perspective; the entrance in scene of masonry, a "phantom" that knew everything of it destabilized me a lot as well.

London, our times, present us Caroline, a girl plenty of problems. She lost her job, she left her boyfriend, her mother suffers of Alzheimer and she finds the quilt of Maria one day at her mother's house. The adventure starts from that moment and Caroline will discover a shocking truth hidden in that quilt, plenty of love and, after all, no regrets.

Highly recommended.

If you are interested to create Maria's quilt here the directions

I bought this book at Club per Voi a very good italian book club.

Anna Maria Polidori

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