domenica, maggio 27, 2018

Twitter doesn't work

I want to tell you the truth: these past days have been seriously stressing because I received a lot of e-mails and with dial-up if you experienced it once, you can understand maybe what it wants to say confirming the famous so-called GDPR from many many writers, publishing houses, magazines, newsmagazines etc. Your idea wanted to be more productive, while sometimes you were blocked because of this wagon of e-mails.

Latest  news: Twitter doesn't work anymore because of, probably, the new European GDPR. I can't verify for sure because of dial-up. Posting my pieces with FB means a lot of time sometimes more than a hour before that the system accepts to forward the e-mail
Yes: there's to become crazy!!!

I will try to open another Twitter account  in case one of these days if situation won't return to the normality.

The message appearing says:


If you know how to sort out this situation drop me some lines please.

Thanks for your attention.


Anna Maria Polidori 

PS: Listening Frankie The Voice Sinatra searching for a relaxing mind and dear old times maybe never known but I am sure much more simple than these ones.

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