lunedì, maggio 21, 2018

Modern Cider by Emma Christensen

Are you searching for a book plenty of informations about cider?
Your secret dream was the one to become a master in the art of making great apple cider and now you would want to realize this dream?
Do you want to discover the most modern recipes associated with cider?
Good: Modern Cider by Emma Christensen photography by Kelly Puleio is for all of you!

I picked up this book because I am apple lover and I was curious about cider.

This book will help you for obtain with joy a wonderful homemade cider thanks to the instructions given by the author, beautiful pictures starting from... Apples, what they are their main characterizations and specificities, how to mix them for obtain a good cider, tools you need  for an excellent result without forgetting the best recipes for wonderful drinks.

I thank NetGalley and Ten Speed Press for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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