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I am a Tyrannosaurus by Tatsuya Miyanishi

It's one of the most  famous children's book this one I am a Tyrannosaurus written by Tatsuya Miyanishi. In Japan this series sold more than 3 million of copies and it's arrived now in the USA. It will be published soon by Museyon.

We are in the Prehistoric age, when there were pretty weird, big and  giants animals. Some were innocent and pacific, other ones were horrible and it was better to go somewhere else, running away! without excuses.
Meeting a Tyrannosaurus would have meant meeting a great danger.

The story starts with a kind and gentle family of Pteranodon, prehistoric birds.
They nested an egg and soon a little pteranodon for the joy of their parents was born.
Oh: they loved him immensely, cuddling him, taking great care of him teaching him education and how to live in this world, sometimes a dangerous world, how to fly, how to avoid a tyrannosaurus adding him that it is important to help anyone who is in trouble.

This "anyone" will make the difference in the life of little pteranodon. When ready, his parents decided that it was the moment to set him free for enjoy life. He was ready for starting an independent life.

At first little pteranodon was surprised because mom and dad were not close to him. And now what to do?

But immediately after he discovered that a nasty Tyrannosaurus was searching to eat him. Thanks to the explosion of a volcano it didn't happen but...Look, poor Tyrannosaurus he was badly injured, thought little pteranodon.

This children's book remarks the importance of helping all kind of  people, creatures, also the nastiest ones, remembering of course their own nature and so setting them free and going away once the help has been given.
No one could change the nature of the Tyrannosaurus but giving help and saving a life was more important than anything else.

Little pteranodon didn't mind if the Tyrannosaurus wanted to eat him at first.
I mean, yes of course but... He knew that now he needed help, his life needed to be saved respecting the intrinsic nature of that creature, born not for being a positive one but a hunter and one of the most terrible dinosaurs you could have met in the Prehistoric age.

At the same time, this children's book wants to give us another lesson: that also someone like a Tyrannosaurus can act kindly, and for extension maybe also a nasty person can understands the goodness created by another person. The Tyrannosaurus tried to be gentle with the little pteranodon but the little bird remembered what his parents said to him regarding the Tyrannosaurus and once healed preferred to going away.

The Tyrannosaurus understood although said: "I just wanted to thank you..."

Enchanting children's book with a lot of important thematics inside, it's intelligent, profound, and can be the start of great conversations with your children about kindness, goodness, badness, help.

Highly recommended.

I thank Museyon for the digital copy of the book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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