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Poco and Moco are Twins by Jun Ichihara

Poco and Moco are Twins by Jun Ichihara is a new, tender, beautiful, cute children's book published by Museyon.

In this children's book protagonists are two little lambs.
I asked for this book because living in a countryside once we had sheep and lambs. There is not maybe another animal more sweet, tender and cute than a lamb.

In the story Poco and Moco  are twins and you know how special they're twins.

They live together, they share time together, they have a special connection although in this case Poco and Moco are a male and a female. 

They love to be best friends; in general when they get in trouble they prefer to get in trouble... together, and they play most of the time together.

They're are not similar in many things starting from sex and differences when they go to the bathroom. Yes, these lambs are humanized.

Poco loves bread, Moco falls in love for desserts. Both of them share a big passion for donugs, so like all good brothers and sisters would do they divide the donug for eating it, sharing that with pleasure without egoism or prevarication.

There are also other differences. Poco's room is plenty of beautiful toys, all put on the carpet and wherever you look at, Moco's room is much more cleaned.

The beauty of being twins is that they search for the help of the other one when they need it.

And in their differences, they love to playing different games, they love to experience different life and they have completely different dreams for their life and future, the beauty of been twins is this one: that they will be there for each other and they will always be best friends.

This charming, beautiful, very well illustrated book will be so loved by your children trust me because it is peaceful, because what you will find are just good values, good feelings, beautiful actions passing through the serenity of a normal life. There is a great calm, a beauty joy, and the idea of a serene and harmonic situation.

This children's book can be chosen for all that families with some twins or just for let understand to children the importance of being best friends with their brothers and sisters. Also when they are not twins because there is nothing more beauty than to be best friends, living an harmonic life together.

I thank Museyon for the ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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