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Healing Berries 50 Wonderful Berries, and How to Use Them in Health-Giving Foods and Drinks by Kirsten Hartvig

Healing Berries 50 Wonderful Berries, and How to Use Them in Health-Giving Foods and Drinks by Kirsten Hartvig and published by Watkins an indispensable cookbook if you love, appreciate, eat and are an addicted of...berries.

Berries are famous for their rich nutrients and curative properties so each of us should consume in a daily base berries, fresh or put away for being eaten with tranquillity later.

As we will discover, each of us introduce a lot of berries in a daily-base.

One of the most common food we can find everywhere the author explains  berries meant to her more than two years of work, long walks in beautiful landscapes, a lot of recipes, cooking, baking before to seeing the realization of this book.

But..How can we describe berries?

"Berries are small juicy, edible fruits that are round or oval in shape, sweet to sour in taste, generally brightly colored and containing seeds or small stones" explains the author.

Do you know that strawberries classified like berries don't technically meet this criteria while bananas, cucumbers, apples! are botanically berries?

Amazing! Not only: we will also discover that tomatoes are berries like also persimmon and kiwi.

The author explains the rich mythology and magic behind berries and I am more than sure that discovering the secret meaning of berries in the past will keep all of you interested and fascinated as I was because most of the time we forget it but there is a secreat meaning in every food we ingest. This world is more magic than what we can think.

Plus: eating berries is healthy because for hunting them it's necessary to go out, into the wild and it means movement, energy, enthusiasm and fresh air.

Berries help against metabolic syndrome being rich of vitamins, amino acid, minerals.

How to bake, cook berries?

Recipes are pretty endless and yum all delicious!

Use berries for a healthy and delicious breakfast! Nothing more natural and good than to start with freshness adding berries to smoothies, desserts and wherever you think you can love them. It's up to you and your creativity and imagination in the kitchen.

The description of these 50 berries is detailed for later appreciating the most succulent section: the one about food, dishes and how to create masterpieces of taste for you and your family and friends.

From breakfast to snacks, passing through preserves and condiment without forget dessert and baking, drinks and tonics enjoy a delicious cook book (with, for every recipe, a nutrition profile) and keep it always close to you because the temptation of a good sweet delicious berries cake an irresistible one like a breakfast started with freshness, cure, love and attention for you and your loved ones.

I thank NetGalley for the ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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