lunedì, maggio 07, 2018

Johnny Depp Photo Album Revised and Updated

Are you a fan of Johnny Depp and you are a so-called Depp-Head that can't resist too much distant from your favorite actor?
I have the book for you!
Johnny Depp Photo Album Revised and Updated is the best chance for you for, at the same time understand, follow Johnny's stunning career like also the man.
This beautiful photographic book is divided in  nine chapters: Johnny Depp at Home, Johnny Depp on the Big Screen, Johnny Depp & Tim Burton, Johnny Depp on the Spot, Johnny Depp Taking Risks, Johnny Depp Gonzo, Johnny Depp Papa, Johnny Depp on the High Seas and Johnny Depp on the Horizon.

What I love the most of this book are Johnny's quotes. Stunning.
A charismatic book of a charismatic man.

Highly suggested.

Anna Maria Polidori

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