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The Little Queen by Meia Geddes illustrated by Sara Zieve Miller

I am enthusiastic by this second book written by Meia Geddes graduated student from Brown University in Rhode Island and now a  graduate student at Simmons School of Library and  Information Science in Massachusetts and writer. I liked her first book Love Letters to the World but this one makes a big difference.

Meia was very worried when we talked a month ago.
"I don't know Anna if it's the case that you read this book now. This story starts with important losses for the protagonist, her parents, you lost your dad recently..."
Considering that death plays an important role in my life I said her that I could cope with gravestones, sad thoughts and all the rest.

It's a big, wonderful and poetic metaphor of life this delicate, dreaming romantic and at the same time felt vintage book The Little Queen illustrated by Sara Zieve Miller with main thematic death and re-born thanks to travel and new meetings.

First of all the most important thematic the one of travel as interior and exterior research of the self when the person is lost without forgetting encounters that  we make along our life, pretty important when we don't know anymore what we are searching and what can make us happy and who we are.

As adds the author in a passage of the book: "Asking what one did was like asking who they were and that was a  too simple a question for a very complex answer."

Who can make the difference in our existence if not "the others?"

But who are "the others?"

Sure: people close to us, but when we want to go in profundity, researching for the essence of our life and our real self, in general people who we meet along our own and unique journey on this Earth and the ones more apparently "disconnected" with us and our world.

The Little Queen is so sad at first when both of her parents are dead. She also puts her tears in a jar, a truly beauty romantic vision of sufferance. It is not possible to give away that tears when parents disappear because they rest with us, with our history. It's a sufferance that will become melancholy with the time but that can't be thrown away, because there is a sensation of possession. Parents mean the history of a person and her roots. Tears included. I want to read in this way this passage of the book.

Having lost her coordinates  although it is clear that she is The Little Queen, The Little Queen starts a journey for meeting new people, diversified from her.
They are unusual. eccentric, sometimes weird.
They are creative, readers, poets, special souls all there for exchanging some chats with her along her journey.

Every situation The Little Queen meets is good for growing up and becoming a better person, for discovering who she is. Let's remember that the protagonist of this tale is in search of her place in this world.

Her meetings?

In an immense library mr.Book Sniffer and  Wall Sawyer.
There is  then Lady Tree a lady who wanted to be a tree but also in the market the window builder.

Each of these people treated philosophically by Meia. What is a window if not an open space for seeing this world and a part of a house and figuratively our interior windows where there is clarity and where there is vision?

But our little protagonist will also sleeps in a coffin for then being back to searching for other friends, like the Digital Director of Sounds.
The sound of the lost of her parents is devastating...
This one is a very important character because at the end The Little Princess will marry her.

This apparently light book, this fairy-tale, or this personal research will reserve to all of your a lot of surprises.
I appreciated the delicate touch, the poetry and the vision of a world that, if looked with the eyes of Meia Geddes would be not only pacific but immersed in art, books, poetry, roses, enchantment.

What a great reading and relaxation for the heart and mind!

Highly suggested to everyone.

Anna Maria Polidori

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