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Conquering Lyme Disease Science Bridges The Great Divide by Brian A.Fallon, MD and Jennifer Sotsky, MD

Spring will come to town soon. Gardening, long walks, hours of sun, possibilities of walks in forests with our friends and with our dear dogs, roads in lovely countrysides will become our best allied for re-generating mind and body, picnics, taking pictures of beautiful seascapes and landscapes, gym in opened-spaces or reading a book under a big refreshing tree-shadow, adventurous trips...
This one is the most magical moment of the year so waited and loved because in grade of refreshing body and soul after a rigid winter-time.

Yes: spring and summer are all of it and much more.

Less romantically it's also the moment of the arrival of ticks. Yes: the negative part of the story.

Columbia University Press recently published: Conquering Lyme Disease Science Bridges The Great Divide by Brian A.Fallon, MD and Jennifer Sotsky, MD a wonderful, impressive study on the topic, under all possible angles.
Ticks, diagnosis of Lyme Disease, tests, exams, treatments, family and psychological support and much much more explained with clarity and desire of being helpful.

It is crucial to understand what can potentially means for a body Lyme Disease if contracted because of a tick bite, and important in particular if you live in certain areas of the USA.

But... I wouldn't want to relegate, confine this book just at American readers. Lyme Disease is a reality in most places and countries and it is better to know what it could means to suffer because of this illness.
Informative, captivating, very-well written and for specialists and common people, you will be more than satisfied of all the informations received, trust me.

What is exactly Lyme Disease? Authors explains that it is the most commonly reported vector-born illness in the USA.

I would add that this one is a "systemic illness" because if not treated it involves all organs of our body, brain and heart included.

Discovered in the USA the Lyme disease is a complicated illness.

This book will catapult you in a dimension of great complexity with an apparent innocuous illness starting like a common flu in most cases  becoming a terrible, horrible illness with invalidant symptoms, long cures, sometimes per years and with a medical world skeptical and divided regarding Lyme Disease.

Step-by step, with photographic help, it will be clear what happens when you starts to develop symptoms, what damaging this illness can does at various levels, cardiac and brain one included, but also the latest tests, exams and treatments discovered more recently without forgetting that ticks brings with them potentially other infections explained with clarity like also diagnosis and treatments.
An interesting topic the one about the cycle of a tick-life and what can be done by population for trying to avoid this danger, staying safe.

A chapter involves all that illnesses apparently considered part of Lyme Disease but that are a complete different story. Some example? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Celiac Disease,  Chronic Heavy Metal Poisoning and so on.

It's important to understand that prevention is important with Lyme Disease. An environment plenty of deer, wild pigs, rats, can be a great humus for ticks.

Good news: although this one is a spirochetal infection, and syphilis transmitted sexually, studies say that in this case there is no evidence of sexual transmission.

A special section is dedicated to newest vaccines but also what to do when you are bitten by a tick, how to do for removing the tick successfully and when we should start to be alarmed because bitten.

Lyme Disease is still a dividing illness and a controversial illness as said before. Not all doctors accept the illness and treat it with desire. I found hilarious the cartoon I am posting here and taken from the book:

but it is true.

This book has a very optimistic approach and soon let's hope this illness will be defeated and just a distant memory.
If you want to stay informed about Lyme Disease, this book is for you and for all your dear ones.

Highly suggested to everyone.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this beautiful book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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