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Sunflowers in February Life, Death and Everything in Between by Phyllida Shrimpton

Sunflowers in February   Life, Death and Everything in Between by Phyllida Shrimpton reached me during the Siberian Burian  . In the envelope, thanks I did appreciated the gesture so badly considering the cold and ice felt that days also some chocolate ...

Sunflowers in February is a book for believers to me written very well and with great lightness, vivacity and hope by ms.Shrimpton although the thematic treated not the simplest one and nothing will be missed of the atmosphere immediately after the departure of a dear one.

A book that can be read with simplicity from people who knows that the death of a person doesn't mean the end of everything but that there will always exist a profound and invisible wire in grade to connect us all forever and that people not anymore visible in this dimension are helping us to realize what we must become in this world.
It can be a book in grade to give new hope to parents who lost their children.

Said that life and death dances together in great harmony in this book.

In this case to disappearing pretty tragically is a teenager Lily, twin with Ben. She is badly injured by a car and left alone at her destiny. It was a common day the one of her death, one of that common days that in a way or in another can make the difference.

It's strange to dying and seeing from the limbo of the afterlife what it is going on in the various situations that her family will experience. Lily was healthy so this news unexpected and terrible.

Plus, the driver left her alone rushing away. And Lily knows the name of her killer.

Lily felt a strong connection with her twin Ben. Ben was her apposite in many ways. He is a boy, he loves things that Lily couldn't never appreciate and vice-versa.
But Lily dreams. She dreams to find a connection with him, she dreams of being listened although she is not physically there anymore and ops! all her dreams are realized when she will become Ben! Or better, she will enter in Ben's body.

The rest of the book are the adventures lived by Lily-Ben at school  with her/his  friends, sport, love, moments shared with his/her parents. One of Lily/Ben's main purpose to trying to let know to everyone who committed the crime, and saying a proper arrivederci.

I loved the conclusion, so badly! because it is so true.

Honoring cemeteries very important because there we find the graves where they're buried the corpses of our beloved ones as we have known them physically and a place where to remember them but it is true that spirits of our passed loved ones are everywhere and they're close to us. This is pretty comforting.

I hope that they will make a movie with this book. It would be interesting!

I thank Bonnier Zaffre for the physical copy of this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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