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Blackberry Winter (Neve a Primavera) by Sarah Jio

Days ago I was searching for a book when I noticed the one by Sarah Jio, Blackberry Winter italian version called Neve a Primavera in one of my shelves bought time ago. I felt a strong sensation when I bought this book. I knew that it would have been a great read.
A book is a magical object.
As I say often books will search for you for being read, and when it will be their moment. The moment for this book was days ago. 

Sarah Jio's books are intriguing, interesting, there is nothing to do: they are intelligent ones.

She is a reporter and it makes the difference in the narration of the story. In love for homeless, this reporter and writer will always treat these thematic in her books.

The story "starts" in a newsroom. Do you know how to keep a reader interested? Giving to him/her the best in terms of news.
Not always, but sometimes some events are in grade to re-connect old times with current events and it's a true success of public.

The old with the new is a winning match because it speaks of memory, old times, episodes remembered, desire of re-telling and sharing.

It's local history re-emerging on the surface and recreating an old magic: the unity for an entire community, joy, enthusiasm, new passion because these old facts still taken in consideration.

An old news re-treated in a newsmagazine if told well will present a great fascination.

New readers who didn't live in that historical moment will find it interesting and old people will remember that moments with pleasure.

Frank, the vice-chief editor of the newsmagazine where Claire Aldridge works in Seattle knows this guideline very well and calls her.

On May 2 1010 a big snow falls covers of some inches the streets of Seattle exactly like on May First 1933.
He is excited.
He doesn't want to lose the opportunity of telling this story.
He asks Claire a great story. Not a simple one but one in grade to make the difference.
A story in grade to create a powerful bridge between past and present, presenting to his readers interesting facts and anecdotes of that year and that snow.

Claire lives a delicate moment of her existence and she is in crisis with her husband as well. She lost her sparkle and enthusiasm for this work and this piece doesn't present to her any kind of enthusiasm but additional stress.
With the help of Abby, the researcher of the newsmagazine she tries to discover something.
What attracts her, apart of course the big surprise for snow, some events without too much significance for a piece will be the disappearing of a toddler of just 3 years, David. Yes: this one a stunning news.

Why did he disappear? What happened? Where did he go? Was he found alive? Who was her mother?

The story leaves 2010 for joining Vera Ray on May 1 1933. It was a cold day in Seattle, where desperation, frustration, starvation were the situations Vera was living in.

Vera...Years before she lived a beautiful, wonderful love-story with someone more important than her but that didn't mind of classes and appearances.

Desperate, when Vera lost her toddler she will try all her best for finding him.

Claire investigates,  interviewing people remembering that little kid David and Vera, she will read the acts of the trial discovering the entire shocking story that there was behind.

I don't want to add anymore. If you haven't still read this book, go for it with the certainty of finding intriguing characters, a great plot, wonderful investigation and two stunning love-stories.


Anna Maria Polidori

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