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I Wish I Was Sick Too! by Franz Brandenberg, illustrated by ALIKI

"The best part of being sick is getting well" with this phrase said by the parents of the two sick kittens I can synthesize this beautiful children's book by NYRB: I Wish I Was Sick, Too! by Franz Brandenberg, illustrated by ALIKI.
The protagonists of this so cute and sweet children's book story is a cats' family.

Edward one of the kittens of the couple falls sick and so he receives a lot of attention of course from his parents. Grand-mother stops-by for telling him stories and fairy-tales, Aunt Anna and Uncle Peter call for discovering if situation starts to going on well.

Elizabeth, Edward's sister is upset because she has to do everything. Homework, piano lessons, dishes, feeding the pets.

She wishes to be sick as well, but you know: be careful what you wish for... The desire is materialized soon.

Edward when Elizabeth is sick tells to his sister that now he does all the part of jobs that their parents can't do because she is sick, exactly as she did.

The two smiles.

The two kittens understands the important message of gratitude. Gratitude for help and attentions received by their parents during the illness; gratitude for their granny who read them fairy-tales while they were sick; gratitude to all that people like aunt Anna and uncle Paul who called for asking about their health. So the two kittens decide to thank everyone for all that love and support received while they were sick: they prepared a special meal for their parents, reading a story to their grand-mother, and calling their uncle Paul and aunt Anna for chatting with them.

It's a powerful message this one.

We mustn't never forget people who love us and the ones who stay close to us and wants to stay close to us..
People who care for us are very important and spreading our love and tenderness to them it's important and indispensable. Let's start to bless our family with good sentiments starting with gratitude and good actions.

I thank NYRB for the beautiful copy of this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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