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A Blessing in Disguise Love is often found in the most unexpected places by Pamela Fudge

What happens when a lady of 45 years old remains pregnant and her husband with an affair going on doesn't want to have anything to do with that baby?

It's this one the main thematic of A Blessing in Disguise Love is often found in the most unexpected  places by Pamela Fudge.

No one can tell at first the frustration of Alexandria, when communicated the news at her husband Phil she doesn't see fireworks but a strong opposition. Phil doesn't want any baby at all.

This novel analyzes the various steps and considerations of the protagonist regarding the arrival of this baby with the conclusion, after all, once discovered the affair of Phil that, who cares?

Alexandria will grow up with tranquility the baby alone without the support of her ex-husband but with a lot of other help along her way and new more sincere support from other people.

I also appreciated the name given at the baby because the reflection of the months spent before not a nice walk but the re-organization of the life.

Highly recommended.

I thank Endeavour Media Limited for the ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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