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giovedì, gennaio 05, 2017

Your Cholesterol Matters What Your Numbers Mean and How You Can Improve Them by Richard Furman, MD, FACS

No I don't have cholesterol if you want to know that. In my latest blood exam I complained because it was 156 so high to my point of view. My family doctor reassured me: "More than good." I think it's the Parmesan I add in a daily base in the pasta...It would be better to keep cholesterol under 100.

Said that: considering that I have seen the hell in terms of people with very big problems associated at bad customs and wrong life-style I picked up this book Your Cholesterol Matters What Your Numbers Mean and How You Can Improve Them by Richard Furman, MD, FACS published by Revell immediately after the festivities ;-) with great joy.

One day I was talking with a schoolmate. We were speaking about people and doctors and we agreed on a fact: that always more young people fall, and fall seriously ill, sometimes at a point of no return, for strokes or heart attacks, something never seen in the past decades, when strokes were associated to old people, at the end of their existence but not at people of 30-40-50 years or sometimes younger than that.
We concluded saying: "It's not normal at all!"

I hate to see dying very young people because of smoke, bad habits in terms of food. I hate to see sufferance because I have seen sufferance.

Written by a doctor who, for more than 30 years cleaned up the arteries of many patients, the book is plenty informative regarding our body, our car, let's put this comparison and how we can maintain it efficient, and cholesterol free.

Richard Furman add that keeping your weight ok, eating properly without exaggeration in terms of bad fat and doing some exercise you will be fine and... You will avoid the cholesterol pill plenty of collateral effects as also explained.

In the USA first of all before to prescribe the cholesterol pill doctors suggest these three things: losing weight, exercise and a good diet for bilancing cholesterol. Most people don't read what their physician say and they start to take this pill that in most cases can cause serious problems, muscular problems.

There are two kind of cholesterol: the one in our blood affecting directly the arteries and the other one of the food. This one will have the most important impact on our blood cholesterol.

Cholesterol is in good percentage a great allied of  our body: it helps the assimilation of vit. A,D, E.

There are two kind of cholesterol: one is lethal for the health and another one considered by the doctor a real hero.
It is important to keep the bad one as low as possible and the hero one as high as possible.

It's important to use good sense affirms Richard Furman: first of all much more than a medication we must take care of ourselves. Silly to take the cholesterol pill and then eat all the food you were eating in the past because "I take the pill for the cholesterol."

Cholesterol will pass through a good life-style and three words: exercise, weight control/loss and food. In this way you won't take the cholesterol pill.
Exercise is tremendously important because a heart kept strong, the heart is a muscle, will be in grade to work much more efficiently and plus it will be possible to lose weight bad cholesterol.

This book will reveal to you how, in a society plenty of temptations (remember that all good food is bad food for your body!)  in culinary term better to avoid to eat more than the necessary.

It's possible to change. It's possible to say: no I want to stay health!
Try it.

It will save your life.

Please: read this book and then spread the word and start to live a new chapter of your existence.

Anna Maria Polidori

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