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venerdì, gennaio 06, 2017

The Lonely Teddy Bear: Janie's Story by Chelsea Radojcic

When I firstly read The Lonely Teddy Bear by Chelsea Radojcic I was undecided what kind of book I would have picked up after a beautiful biography and review I wrote about Louisa May Alcott.
A rural reality, sometimes the life of Alcott appeared like the one of a beautiful fairy-tale. The author of Little Women, had had an eccentric but also poetic dad. I was orphan although plenty of books to read of a good choice? Of a poetic book? Mmm.... I thought that maybe The Lonely Teddy Bear by Chelsea Radojcic the best choice.

Oh: at first I thought that the atmosphere was the same. A wonderful man, Jink, and a lot of friends he met during his solitary trip for re-meeting this mysterious Janie. I couldn't classify well Janie because of her age and at first: "Let's hope that this man won't be a perverted!"

I was worried.

I learned thanks also to the new book written by Chelsea Radojcic that the profundity of horror can be masked not only by a sensation of familiarity, but that for and in certain minds this one is the normality.

I discovered at the end of the tale "The couple." With horror, because I don't tend to read this genre.

Before to read these books by Chelsea Radojcic I had read and sometimes I also laughed for the absurdity of the horror contained in that book (I know, it's me!) of these couples who, for a reason or another stayed together in the past centuries for killing many other people. Children, couples, singles mom and so on.
Of course these people are in love, of course they have a projectuality. Let's just say that their projectuality is not exactly the one that you find in a normal couple. Why? Because their obsession is for killing.

Jink and Janie don't kill horrible people, don't kill negative people, - not that the ones of these categories should be killed, let's precise it -  but very good people. Compassionate people. Kind people. People who helped them in crucial moments of their existence. Who helped them. who grew up them.

And both these stories are powerful.

The second book The Lonely Teddy Bear: Janie's Story is the story seen under the perspective of Janie. Again powerful because it touches the chord of your soul and going in profundity and revealing also your darkest fears.
Maybe it's the writing-style of Chelsea. Close to the horror, she doesn't use horrific words, but tender, gracious words able to invoke tranquillity and serenity and it's this proximity, nearness, able to create the profound turmoil that the reader will feel. The horror is close to the celestial life that the two protagonists spend together.

How can it be possible that two people like Jink and Janie exist?
How can it be possible that the badness can triumph on the goodness?

Sometimes happens. Sometimes these couples are discovered and put in jail the place where they should stay.

The writer  again has been in grade to give a beautiful psychological serious portrait of Janie. A toddler not understood by the parents, nor by the teachers, or by her friends, who, became, seeing these feelings brought in an extreme condition, a little girl without any kind of compassion for anyone and just for a personal  egoism. A girl who started to kill who could have been responsible for her own unhappiness dreaming just,  to be reunited once with Jink her special friend and companion of too many horrors. Her not too lonely Teddy Bear Jink.

The book will be released this March 11th and I thank NetGalley and Chelsea Radojcic for the advanced copy they sent me.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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